Customization: All programs are tailored specifically to the client organization through client interviews, site visits, feedback from managers and colleagues and participant self-assessment. Course Notes: All key concepts are explained in outline form in participant notebooks for tracking during the session and ready reference later.

Action Models: Practical step-by-step communication processes for each critical course element are presented and discussed. Model steps are outlined on cue cards for on-the-job desk reference.

Demonstrations: Participants are shown, or listen to, tapes of simulated situations where the action models are applied. Company managers participate in these tapings.

Cases: Case studies are distributed. All case studies are developed in close collaboration with line managers to reflect real and typical scenarios that are encountered by program participants.

Taping: In private small groups, matched pairs conduct skills-practice sessions using the appropriate action models.

Debriefing and Coaching: Each simulated discussion is debriefed. Many client organizations enrich the feedback, and refresh past participants, by enlisting alumni coaches to join the small groups. Feedback: At the end of the workshop, participants write their reactions to the program. Comments are collated into executive reports, tracking attendee satisfaction and providing ideas for program improvements.

Certificates: Participants receive recognition for their attendance.

Follow up: Post seminar follow-up may involve refresher classes, on-site observation and feedback, team meetings, and one-on-one coaching.

Kenyon Trede provides full service business consulting through tailored workshops. We focus on client relationship management, negotiation skills, performance management, and managing client expectations.

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